Dear Friend,

Welcome to our website. We are thankful for your interest in Woodruff Road Presbyterian Church. The Lord is at work in our midst and we warmly invite you to come and visit us. Here you'll find a church that is Biblical, Reformed, Confessional, and Great Commission oriented. What do I mean by that?

By Biblical we mean that we are committed to the Bible, God's inerrant and infallible Word, as the final authority in Faith and Life. So our worship services are saturated with Scripture. And the pinnacle of our services is the preaching of the Bible. While other churches question the Bible's authority or look to other sources for truth and guidance, or downplay the ministry of the Word, we are deliberately committed to expository and doctrinal preaching and teaching of the Bible.

By Reformed we simply mean that we are committed to the historic understanding of Christianity known as Reformed Protestantism.

By Confessional we mean that our understanding of Christianity is summarized in our historic "Confession of Faith" (i.e. the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms). This is the best known of the 17th century Protestant confessions of faith and has been heralded as the finest Christian confession of faith ever composed by uninspired men. (We would be delighted to give you a copy!)

By Great Commission oriented we mean that we are committed to taking the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to all of the Upstate of South Carolina AND to every nation. We happily and enthusiastically support the work of Gospel-evangelism right here and around the world.

It is my great privilege to serve alongside other gifted pastors. Dan Dodds is involved in men's ministry, pastoral care and much more. Scotty Anderson is involved in ministry to families and oversees our youth and children's ministry. Both of these men are gifted and qualified Biblical counselors and can bring the Scriptures to bear on the problems of life.

WRPC's preaching ministry (The Presbyterian Pulpit) is carried on local radio station WORD (1330 AM & 106.3 FM) at 9 AM each Sunday morning.

We'd love to have you visit us on the Lord's Day and give us an opportunity to meet you and welcome you with the love of Christ!

Your servant in Christ,

Carl Robbins
Senior Pastor