Husbands and Wives

The Bible uses marriage to picture the relationship of Christ to the Church. WRPC has a vested interest in seeing husbands and wives grow to maturity in their marriage relationships. God's word is applied to marriages in conferences, retreats, Sunday School classes, couples studies and through marital and pre-marriage counseling.


The Bible consistently and explicitly gives to parents the primary responsibility for teaching children to obey their parents. Family Ministry at WRPC comes alongside parents to strengthen and reinforce the Christian nurture taking place in the home. Nursery, child, and youth programs strengthen, confirm, and reinforce what parents are teaching, but these will never be the primary influence on our children. Parenting ministries seeks to come along side parents in that role - not to take it from them. To that end we offer classes, seminars, and retreats to help parents grow in their call to raise the children God gives them.

Single Parents

We recognize that God has not left all families the same. Marriages are broken by death and divorce. God promises a sufficient grace for these homes too. The pastors, elders, and deacons of the church are continually working to minister and care for the specific needs of these families.