Missions to Latin America


Francisco & Soraia Cardoso

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Rev. Francisco Cardoso, a pastor on staff at Woodruff Road PCA, is part of Mission to Brazil, which is a ministry that is committed to plant reformed and Presbyterian churches in the northeastern region of Brazil, specifically Recife. After attending Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, he returned to Recife to plant a church, the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Recife. This church has been serving as a biblical model for the planting of daughter churches in Limoeiro and Iputinga. There is a great need for a Reformed understanding of the Gospel in the northeastern region. This region is predominantly Roman Catholic, which condones paganism, is the poorest area in Brazil, and has a population of 49 million (over 3.5 million in Recife). It is estimated that only one percent of the population is evangelical. The church in Recife is currently praying for the ability to purchase land to build a church building, which is one of their greatest needs.



Aaron & Rachel Halbert


Aaron was born in Honduras and lived there until he was 10. Rachel grew up in Mississippi. They met in 2004 and quickly realized they both had a passion for missions. Aaron had a desire to return to Honduras. Rachel served on several mission trips to Haiti, during which she realized the great need for Gods Word to be preached worldwide. In 2006 they married and moved to Honduras to teach in a bilingual school outside of Tegucigalpa. While there they became even more aware of the need for churches that teach the transforming power of the gospel (Romans 10:17). Aaron and Rachel moved back to Mississippi where Aaron received a M.Div. from Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS) - Jackson. Aaron served at Second Presbyterian in Yazoo City as the youth director and intern. Rachel taught at the local Christian school, and then later left the classroom to be a full-time mom. The Halberts are now starting a new team in the capital of Honduras, Tegucigalpa.



Luis & Emilia Mendoza


Luis Mendoza, who is an ordained elder from Second Presbyterian Church with the IEPP (Inglesia Evangelica Presbiteriana del Peru), has been going into the mountains around Cajamarca, Peru since 2006 to teach and preach to two rural groups. Second Presbyterian is a particular church that grew out of the church planting efforts of Peru Mission. Luis works under Alonzo Ramirez of Peru Missions. Even though this ministry is a strategic facilitator of urban church planting and Christian community development in Peru that plant mission churches, train Christian leaders, and develop transformational institutions, Luis Mendoza is willing to travel to the remote parts of Cajamarca on foot to reach the people in the hills. For further information on Peru Missions, which is renewing Peru through the power of the gospel, visit them at Peru Mission on the web at: www.perumission.org


Alonzo & Esther Ramirez


Dr. Alonzo Ramirez is from the north Peruvian city of Piura and is ordained in the Inglesia Evangelica Presbiteriana del Peru (IEPP). Alonzo currently lives and works in Cajamarca. Alonzo earned a degree in theology from the Free Church College in Edinburgh (1989‐1992). Later, while at RTSJackson, he received a Th.M. in Old Testament (1998) and a Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies (2001). Upon completing his studies at RTS he went back to Cajamarca to begin Peru Mission, which is a strategic facilitator of urban church planting and Christian community development in Peru. In addition, he is a pastor at Second Presbyterian Church in Cajamarca; he directs and teaches in a seminary; oversees the university ministry at the Universidad Nacional de Cajamarca; and serves as editor and translator of various publications. Esther, his wife, teaches religion classes at a public school in Cajamarca and directs the children's Sunday School at Second Presbyterian Church. Visit them at Peru Mission on the web at: www.perumission.org



Ray & Michele Call


Rev. Ray Call has served with Mission to the World since 2006. He spent his first term on the U.S./Mexico border with the PCAs border ministry and is now preparing to leave for Uruguay to help out with a new work under a cooperative agreement between Mission to the World (MTW) and the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC). He will be joining a team of two other families in the capital city of Montevideo where they will be working on church planting. This area is considered the most secular place in Latin America. Specifically, Ray will be working with two other pastors: Pastor Mauricio Rolim of the Presbyterian Church of Brazil and Pastor Mark Richline of the OPC. When all is said and done, three different denominations will be working on planting a fourth denomination in a country which has no established Presbyterian or Reformed church. Visit them on the web at: callmissionaries.org