Missions to Europe


Berti & Jenny Kona


Rev. Albert (“Berti”) Kona is a pastor on staff at Woodruff Road PCA and a member of Calvary Presbytery. He is also a native Albanian who has returned to his homeland after attending Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary to plant the first Reformed church in that country—Reformed Church in Durres (Kisha Reformuar Durres). During the Cold War Albania was dubbed “the most atheistic nation in the world”. Along with church planting, Rev. Kona is involved in several translation works: John Murray’s Redemption Accomplished and Applied; Boettner’s Doctrine of Atonement and The Reformed Faith; The Westminster Assemblies Directory of Worship; and for the first time in history, bringing to the Albanian language and people the primary textbook of the Reformed Faith, John Calvin’s The Institutes of the Christian Religion. This latter project is done with the gospel hope that the Lord of the Church will use this sharp tool in Albania. Visit them on the web: www.missiontoalbania.org



Benjamin is a native of southwestern Virginia and graduated from Virginia Tech with a bachelor’s degree in history. In 2011, he moved to England to work as an intern with MTW, and after starting seminary, continued to live and work in England, as the pastoral intern for Gateshead Presbyterian Church (EPCEW). During this time, he met Anna Drummond, a native of County Durham, and they were married in July 2013. Benjamin is serving in the southeast of England at Bury St. Edmunds Presbyterian Church, a congregation of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in England and Wales (EPCEW). The congregation at Bury St. Edmunds is a small congregation centered around the Word of God and biblical worship with a big vision for evangelism in the local community! The church is also thankful for the opportunity to regularly welcome U.S. military personnel from the nearby U.S. Air Force base at RAF Lakenheath. Benjamin's work includes weekly preaching, regular outreach work to adults and youth as well as involvement in pastoral care.


Sebastian & Isabel Heck


Reverend Sebastian Heck formed the ministry known as R2G – Reformation to Germany – a church planting ministry of the Selbstandige Evangelish-Reformierte Kirche (Free Evangelical-Reformed Church) in Heidelberg. Germany, the birthplace of the Reformation, is now a dark, spiritual place consisting of proud atheism and agnosticism. Reverend Heck’s vision is to see the establishment of a vibrant, confessional Reformed church in Germany in order to spread the Gospel throughout the land anew. Publishing is also part of his larger objective in which to teach the people a Reformed Christian faith and worldview. He also seeks to provide training for future elders and church planters that is crucial for a movement of Reformed churches. R2G is also the convener and organizer of the Heidelberg Conference on Reformed Theology, an annual international conference with the goal to bring Reformation to Europe. Visit R2G on the web at: www.reformation2germany.org

Central and Eastern Europe