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Fraternal Denominations

Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC)

Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (ARP)

Free Church of Scotland


Second PCA, Greenville, SC (our mother church), Pastor Rick Phillips

Midway PCA, Powder Springs, GA, Pastor David Hall

First PCA, Jackson, MS, Pastor Ligon Duncan

Hartsville PCA, Hartsville, SC, Pastor David McIntosh

First PCA, Gulfport, MS, Pastor Guy Richard

First ARP, Columbia, SC, Pastor Sinclair Ferguson

Grace PCA, Yorba Linda, CA, Pastor Ron Gleason

Independent Presbyterian, Savannah, Ga, Pastor Terry Johnson

Trinity PCA, Statesboro, GA, Pastor Roland Barnes

Heritage Netherlands Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, MI, Pastor Joel Beeke

Covenant Community OPC, Taylors, SC, Pastor Peter Van Doodewaard

Franklin Square OPC, Long Island, NY , Pastor Bill Shisko


Greenville Classical Academy


Ligonier Ministries

Twin Lakes Fellowship
Twin lakes Fellowship

Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

Creationist Organizations

Center for Scientific Creation

Creation Research Society

Institute for Creation Research

Cult Ministries

Apologetics Index

Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry

Watchman Fellowship


World Magazine online

Journal of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood


Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

Reformed Theological Seminary